As a "walking" town Valley Head would benefit from increased revenues from residential growth of the professional and retirement population, an economical form of a family activity walking and hiking. Pedestrian pathways would also provide an incentive for seasonal visitors to spend time in and around the community.


Pedestrian Pathways, Drainage System and Safety Project

Proposed project would mitigate the pedestrian safety hazard for the town of Valley Head, Alabama. Presently the town has approximately 639 (2005) residents living within the city limits and the business within the city limits employ approximately 619 (2009) individuals. This population is expected to increase by 2.39% by 2010. The intention of the project is to develop a safe "walking" community for the health of the aging, retiring and disable population. The project would also facilitate the pedestrian access from the public housing to the city's recreational areas. Project would include pedestrian over or underpass, sidewalks, curb ramps, streetscape and drainage for an approximate total of 20 non linear miles. As an added safety consideration research and analysis of railroad crossing for development of a plan to better accommodate school traffic.

Pedestrian access is important to the health of a community and contributes to the environment impact of energy efficiency. The town of Valley Head, Alabama would benefit from the installation of sidewalks, curb ramps, pedestrian bridges and overpasses.

The construction of safe pedestrian pathways would require installation of a drainage system and may require the acquisition of right-of-way. Research and development for a plan to mitigate the hazard of school zone traffic across the railroad crossing would increase safety and facilitate enhanced emergency management response.

The narrow egress from the most population portion of the town, across the railroad tracks to access the city's recreational area is a safety concern. Designation of accesses for bike and pedestrian pathways would allow mobility for the disabled and the general public. Dedicated pedestrian pathways would contribute to the health of the aging community, many of whom are military veterans and retires. The route from Hidden Springs public housing is a treacherous trip for children walking or bicycling to the city's recreational facilities. Alabama highway 117 is curvy and heavily traveled separating the majority of residents from safe pedestrian access to the hiking trail, Valley Head and Hammondville city parks. A feasibility study is required to determine whether a pedestrian overpass or underpass would provide safe access across AL HWY 117 from the town to the park.